Saturday, August 22, 2009

THE PROPOSAL [Lido 21st August 2009]

Finally, found a movie that pleased both my cousin, Chin Mei and myself at the same time. Who else but Sandra Bullock can create that bonding! Bullock is always strong, always funny, always real - isn't it what all women want to be? A beautiful woman comfortable under her own skin... and on stilettos, no less!

I loved the movie from end to end. Plot is shallow but who cares. Frivolity is good for over-confident women; including time out to just watch movie!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

MANAGEMENT [Orchard Lido]

MANAGEMENT starring Jennifer Aniston
What I like - a woman who knows her feminity without being competitive or power hungry. Jennifer always plays a woman who does not intimidate others and I like that. After all, fable-land's Snow White and Cinderella are too needy, and Miss Piggy is too controlling.

Sadly, plot seems stupid, but point taken that sometimes you can be sooo driven and yet perennially lost in direction or some say... 'lost the plot'. Highly enjoyable movie. Thought sex scenes was included more for mass appeal than plot enhancement.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


2006 'Comme tous le monde'
(translation: Like Everyone Else) French with English subtitles
Director : Pierre-Paul Renders
It's my first time back to the Alliance Francaise since 1982 at Draycott Drive. No deja vu at all in this ultra modern building compared with the older colonial building reminiscent of Raffles Hotel. Well, there's the usual small cafe now on level 2 but with no French materials for browsing! No popcorns or chips. But the pasta smelled pretty good.

Okay... the movie started with this regular Jo winning a TV game show of some kind where whatever he chose, was the right answer. The producers thought he represented the majority of consumers and plotted to fit out his entire apartment with CCTV to monitor his presences and product choices 24/7. Of course, they had to send in an attractive accomplice. She later felt stricken by good conscience and wanted out of the plot. Once exposed, he was furious with her though she fled. However, he turned himself into a national icon and built a successful business empire based on the original plot and worked with huge consumer goods companies. Everything he touched became gold (or FMCG! - fast-moving consumer goods). Then, he started to look up the girl and they patched up. Something like that...