Friday, October 23, 2009

MY SISTER'S KEEPER [Lido 3:00pm]

my sister's keeper
I had originally planned an enjoyable afternoon with my youngest, Tessa, who in her haste, got tickets to this tear-jerker. I was at first crying because I needed comedy more than tragedy this day!

This touching movie is based on the real-life account of a youngest child, Anna [played by Abigail Breslin of 'Little Miss Sunshine'] who was conceived to safe her oldest sister suffering from leukemia. Every moment of her life, Anna is made aware that she is a donor to her suffering sister, Kate, whose life takes centrestage in the family. Everything Kate needed, the doctors would find in Anna's body to supply and keep her alive. Everyone else also had to tailor their lives around Kate. Cameron Diaz plays the distressed mum who would not allow any vulnerability in herself or anyone in the family, and so it came to Kate to contrive a plan to have her little sister find a lawyer [played by Alec Baldwin] to pit her against her parents for 'medical emancipation'.

Strong roles carried out by strong acting makes this a heart-wrenching story as grief is gradually allowed into the experiences, joy and emotional emancipation follows.

Watch it with loads of tissue!