Thursday, January 5, 2017


Three reasons why advertising is important to people: time, love and death. 

"We long for love, we wish we had more time, we fear death," Howard said to his staff, three years before he lost his only daughter to brain cancer.

Three of his partners and closest friends hired three actors to personify time, love and death and to engage Howard upfront face-to-face. They figured that if he opened up to these elements that were important to him, he would no longer need to write them off and cut himself off the principles he had lived by. 

We cannot regain any loss that we don’t allow ourselves to feel, to grief and to acknowledge are still important to us. That is the beauty of life – to recognize that what causes us hurt and disappointment may actually point us to what really matters. To live without facing pain and our fears is to allow passion to atrophy. And passion is what makes us happy, fulfilled, laugh and what can also truly hurt us, cause us to cry at night, and let us down. Passion is all this collectively. To accept only the feel-good aspects of it is to deny ourselves of what living with passion is all about.

The three friends who were alienated hired three actors to orchestrate face-to-face encounters with hurting Howard because they knew that truth and grace could only be delivered in person - something their friend was running away from for three years.

A movie I can watch over and over again. Have tissue at hand.