Monday, November 29, 2010


It doesn't help very much to keep your age under wraps when your idea of a Monday escape is to catch a movie full of Hollywood veterans - Bruce Willis [55 years], John Malkovich [56 years], Morgan Freeman [73 years], and Dame Helen Mirren [65 years] - you're either trying to act 'older' which should be a ludicrous intent unless you're trying to impress younger company, or you're in fact acting your age!

The start was age-appropriate [for those aged 40 and above]: Bruce Willis as Frank Moses chatting on the phone with Sarah [Mary Louis Parker's character] who works in a pension office. Both are single and have yet to meet. Conversation tone: familiar, cautious, very alone both sides. FREEZE THIS FRAME IN YOUR MIND: in this time and age, chatting on the phone is really only for those not hip or young enough to be on Facebook or Twitter. Frank is trying to have a 'normal' life and catching up with the help of romance novels while Sarah fantasizes about living life dangerously with a hero. Both got their ends of the deal when pursued by the CIA in their effort to clean up evidence.

I got my end of the deal on this cool rainy Monday just soaking in the drama, the action, the artillery power, the brilliant acting, and the synergy of maturity and wit among the cast. TOTALLY GRATIFYING.