Thursday, May 6, 2010

DATE NIGHT [GV @ Vivocity]

The feeling of lethargy on a very hot day took me to chill in the air-conditioned theatre with this after-you-get-married-and-have-kids comedy about a couple facing marital lethargy. Tina Fey and Mark Carell is the endearing couple who is so married they forgot how to dress up and make dinner reservations in uptown New York City. But life escalated with excitement when they took another couple's reservation by impersonation and got more than the table they bargained for.

Fey and Carell played the fumbling too-married unglam couple as real as you can get. [I just suffered a TV reality show where a woman had her ex-boyfriend take over her 2 young daughters for a weekend to experience the 'reality' of raising kids! The way he was smiling through the two girls' incessant ill-behaviour and his own immaturity is unbelievable. So, off I went to catch a real movie to compensate for having endured a fake one passing off as reality TV.]

In the movie, Mark Wahlberg's role as a private security detective represented sleek city sophistication whose presence makes any married man polish up his manners and a married woman straighten up her back. His constant state of shirtlessness [baring a super-shiny upper torso] in his super urban abode had distracting and differing effects on both the husband and wife. But am I normal? I was swooned more by the ultra high-end IT getup in his home-office and his fleet of power motors!

Glad I went for the show today!