Friday, April 22, 2011


This is a 2011 take on the original version made 30 years ago. Russell Brand and (lesser known) Greta Gerwig reprised the roles played by the late Dudley Moore (passed away in 2002) and Liza Minnelli. Both English comedians, Brand and Moore's brand of gag is nothing short of crass and deviant which has always been effectively therapeutic for audiences trapped in the regiment and rigour of modern life. At the same time, their disparity in height is as outstanding as how they bring out the heart-warming qualities of a drunkard living in the stupor of a hedonistic lifestyle.

Brand's delivery of Arthur's antics makes you laugh, and his tender moments move you to tears - like when Hobson fell sick and he instinctively switched role to be her caregiver. They have an on-screen adult-child bond that is palpable beyond performance.

Helen Mirren as Arthur's nanny, Hobson, symbolizes the human dignity, household stability and wholesome morality that always bring the recalcitrants back where the heart is.

I cannot remember if I watched the original version three decades ago after exams, but it was certainly the right movie to catch after my exams this week!