Saturday, January 16, 2010


Caught another Sandra Bullock movie with cousin Chin Mei to celebrate her birthday. Totally gratifying for both of us - we sunk happily into the wide and luxurious red wine-coloured seats in the back row of a small theatrette. Very happy to find a story with solid-gold values unfold before us. No comedy here for Sandra Bullock who plays Leigh Ann, a super-efficient woman with wealth and a good head on her shoulders - which in itself is a rare combination. Sharp-eyeing a wandering black student, Michael Oher or Big Mike, she boldly offered to take him in for a night which soon turned into a permanent arrangement.

She provided housing, protection, guidance, education and relationship to Big Mike all with the same degree of firmness that delivers a solid dose of the love and family that he never knew nor know how to respond to. While her actions and intentions were public, her emotions and pain were private. [I can relate to her role and experiences.]

Coming from a highly dysfunctional family and living only with foster families all his life, Big Mike took time to develop emotional connection with anyone and proved challenging even to those with the best of intentions. Eventually, he began to accept Leigh Ann and her family as his.

The high point for me was when Big Mike finally secured a football scholarship at the college of his choice after tremendous hardwork and long-suffering tutoring by Miss Sue [played by Kathy Bates]. As he was saying goodbye to his new adoptive family on the college grounds, Leigh Ann gave him a firm cold hug and quickly retreated to her car to cry privately. But this time, she would not be left uncomforted for by now, he had become more emotionally wired to interpret her moves and understand her love gestures.

Those into American football would find this worthy of their time because real-life coaches also starred. This is a movie I can curl up and watch anytime anyday.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Love Happens
about a woman happy doing what she's doing, and being single and confident is not a signal that she is on a love-hunt.